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Manage your budgeting, specification, purchasing, inventory, and product data management process from end to end.

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Automate product data collection and reports.

  • Save days on data collection.
    Save days by extracting text, images, and documents instantly from supplier site, without copying and pasting.
  • Create custom criteria.
    Customize performance criteria for different product categories, such as sustainability and more.
  • Respecify materials instantly
    Respecify proven materials and calculate volume by suppliers.
  • Generate presentations in minutes
    Generate polished, professional-looking presentations within minutes using templates and existing data.
  • Customize project templates.
    Set up and customize templates that your team can reuse for different project types.
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Create a firm-wide materials database for project re-specification and design guidelines.

  • Standardize institutional knowledge.
    Standardize, preserve, and grow your firm's institutional knowledge, collecting and sharing best practices.
  • Filter products using custom criteria.
    Filter, categorize, and create catalogs for products according to brand guidelines, sustainability, etc.
  • Tag discontinued products.
    Avoid wasting time specifying discontinued products by tagging them as discontinued.
  • Forecast costs and timelines.
    Use historical data to accurately predict costs, timelines, and more.
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Save time and reduce errors by having your entire team on one platform.

  • Manage all stakeholders and approval processes.
    Connect different teams and project phases, all within one platform.
  • Granular access control.
    Control who can see what with granular access control set by roles.
  • Manage submittals efficiently.
    Upload, review, and approve submittals in one place, without sending emails.
  • Invite vendors to upload product data, invoice and packing list.
    Invite vendors to upload quotes while protecting sensitive data.
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Sync directly with your favorite programs to save time.

  • Enrich Revit schedules.
    Add images, links, and other details to your Revit drawings without manual entries and duplicate work.
  • Manage accounting with QuickBooks.
    Push your purchase orders and invoices to QuickBooks with one click.
  • Turn Pinterest inspirations into full specs.
    Pull your pins directly into your Fohlio dashboard and add details where necessary.
  • Get API access.
    Fully customize Fohlio integrations using the API.
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